Scholarships and College Grants for Masters in Higher Education Students

A master’s degree in higher education prepares you to work in a leadership position with a college, university, educational nonprofit, government educational department, or other company or organization related to education beyond high school. Many higher education positions actually require candidates to have a master’s degree or higher, so going back to school after you get your bachelor’s degree is one of the best options if you want to increase your chances of finding a high-paying job in this field. Scholarships and grants can make it possible for you to get your education, even if you don’t have the money to pay for it out of pocket.

Higher Education Scholarships

Scholarships are available for higher education students are a great option because you don’t have to repay the money after you graduate. In general, scholarships are given based on merit, and at the graduate degree level, many scholarships are called fellowships and attached to responsibilities to serves as a teaching assistant or research assistant. Some scholarships and fellowships are offered directly from colleges and college education departments, while others are offered by outside organizations such as the American Association of School Administrators.

Higher Education Grants

Unlike scholarships, grants are given to students who show financial need, but they also are available as “free” money for college (i.e., you don’t have to repay a grant after you graduate). As an undergraduate student, you may have received the federal Pell Grant, but as a graduate student, you will not qualify for this money anymore. Instead, you can look for grants with the Department of Education, directly from colleges and universities, and from outside educational organizations.

Loan Forgiveness and Tuition Assistance

Along with scholarships and grants, as an educator, you can look to two other kinds of funds for money for your education. First, you may qualify for loan forgiveness through government programs. To qualify, you must work as a teacher in a high-need area for a certain number of years, and you can earn more toward paying off your loans if you work in special education. In addition, if you’re already working as an educator or administrator, you can see if your employer offers any kind of tuition assistance program, making money available to employees who want to earn a higher degree.

Online Master's Degrees in Higher Education

Walden University
MS: Higher Education
MS: College Teaching
MS: Enrollment Mgmt
MS: Global Higher Ed.
MS: Edu. Leadership
MS: Online Learning
Walden University – Walden University's Higher Education masters program offers specializations that allow the next generation of professors and college leaders to create learning environments. The general program focuses on crafting student programs and services from a management perspective. The College Teaching and Learning specialization trains teachers to plan and assess learning experiences. Enrollment Management and Marketing trains employees to effectively promote universities. Global Higher Education teaches strategies for serving international students. Leadership for Student Success teaches program evaluation and best practices for improving student engagement and retention. Online and Distance Learning teaches online classroom technology and program evaluation.
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Kaplan University
MS: College Administration
MS: College Teaching
MS: Online Teaching
MS: Student Affairs
MS: Adult Learning
Kaplan University – Kaplan's MS in Higher Education prepares college leaders and teachers to handle diverse student bodies, education technology, public policy, and finances vital to running universities. The College Administration and Leadership specialty focuses on effective management and evaluation of programs. Online College Teaching students learn distance learning techniques and technologies. The College Teaching and Learning specialization focuses on curriculum design and assessment. Student Affairs students learn to create student services and work in administration.
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Northcentral University
MEd: Higher Ed. Leadership
Northcentral University – Northcentral University's M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership is aimed at aspiring higher education specialists and managers. The program focuses on legal issues, finance and organizational leadership, while incorporating a strong base of philosophical and historical knowledge about the education field. Adult learning and development, along with organization and administration of adult programs is also covered.
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Liberty University
MEd: Teaching
Liberty University – Liberty University's M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning with the Technology & Online concentration prepares the next instructors of distance learning programs to effectively create online coursework and teaching aids using the latest technology. Incorporating technology into the classroom is useful for all instructors, but online teachers especially have to know which programs will maximize the potential for learning.
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