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Published by admin on November 29, 2010

Many students are serious about getting into college and learning more about what they need to do to improve an education. Whether you are looking to get into an undergraduate institution, or whether you are looking for a Master’s degree or higher, it can be useful to have a little help and insight about the process.

You want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your degree, and you want to make sure that you can get into the school and program that you prefer. You can accomplish this with a little advice from people who have been there before. There are a number of college admissions blogs that can help you learn more about the process — and help you get into the school you are looking for. Here are 50 college admissions blogs that can be of great help to you:

College Ranking Blogs

First of all, start your search with some good college ranking blogs. Learn more about what is expected of you to get into the best schools, and learn which programs are likely to help you excel. Once you have that figured out, you can begin learning more about getting into these schools.

  1. U.S. News & World Report: You expect this ranking site to be included, and you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about the best colleges in the country.
  2. The Princeton Review: Find out more about different college options and rankings, and the specs required to get into different colleges.
  3. America’s Best Colleges: Great rankings of different colleges and universities in the U.S. Includes a number of different viewpoints.
  4. The Center for College Affordability & Productivity: A great place to turn for different college rankings, and for help finding a good deal in higher education.
  5. What Will They Learn?: A unique guide to college rankings, helping you figure out the best programs.
  6. myUsearch Blog: Find out more about college rankings, and what it takes to get into different universities.
  7. You can learn about online programs, which can be very helpful in many situations.
  8. RateMyCollege: This helpful ranking tool from College Times can help you learn about schools from the students who attend.

Admission Counselors and Coaches Blogs

Some of the best people to learn from are those who have first hand knowledge and expertise about getting into college. Admissions counselors and coaches provide expert advice to students looking to get into college, and often have contacts that provide unique, insider insight. Reading these blogs can help you get into the school of your choice.

  1. The Admission Game: Keep up with the latest news in college admissions and college planning.
  2. The Ivy Coach: If you are interested in getting into an Ivy League school, this blog is a must-read.
  3. Admitted Blog: The National Association for College Admission Counseling runs this blog, which is full useful and helpful information on getting into college.
  4. The Choice: A great offering from The New York Times about getting into college.
  5. CollegeBound: Admissions advisers share information about getting into college.
  6. College Admissions: Allen, at, can help you learn about getting into the college that you want.
  7. College Admission Blog: Get help and information about getting into college, and what comes next.
  8. College Admissions Counseling: Latest news, tips and more on college applications and getting accepted.

Administration Blogs

Get advice straight from the horse’s mouth. Many college administration blogs feature insights into getting into school, as well as deadlines and tips that can help you ensure that you are on the right track. Read these administration blogs, and you might find some very useful information about getting into college — especially if you are focusing on a specific school.

  1. One Dean’s View: Information about college, including information about getting.
  2. Dean Dan Bernardo’s Blog: Learn more about how things work at a university. A great resource for the ins and outs of college administration.
  3. Dean Manderscheid’s Blog: A helpful look at what’s happening at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  4. The World View: Administration experts at Inside Higher Ed offer information about administration, college and more.
  5. Postdoc Administrator Blog: Learn more about postdocs and administration from this Stanford blog.
  6. Prez Ed’s Blog: A great administration blog from Bethany College.
  7. Confessions of a Community College Dean: Great insight into getting into community college.

Testing Blogs

Get information about the testing that you have to undergo before being accepted into college. Helpful blogs about test taking and more.

  1. Test Prep Success: Learn more about prepping for college admissions tests.
  2. The ACT Student Blog: Helpful look at testing, and at getting into school.
  3. Top Test Prep: A great blog with info on the SAT and ACT, as well as MCAT, LSAT and other tests.
  4. Prepped & Polished: Helpful advice on taking college tests.
  5. GRE Blog: A great resource for those studying for the GRE from Kaplan.
  6. Test Prep: Peterson’s offers helpful information and advice on college prep test taking.

Student Advice Blogs

If you are looking for straightforward and honest advice from people who are living the process (or recently made it through the process), students and former students can be a wealth of knowledge. These blogs offer great college admissions help, fresh from the trenches. A great way to get firsthand information.

  1. College Confidential: Get real life information on college and getting in from students.
  2. Making it Count!: Information on school, and being the type of student who gets into college.
  3. CampusCompare: Student based information on different colleges.
  4. My College Options: Information and resources about getting into college.
  5. Find College Cards: Information and more on getting into college — and surviving while there.
  6. The Uncommon Blog: Students and others share helpful advice.
  7. AdmissionHook: Tips on writing good college admissions essays.

Graduate School Admissions Blogs

Find help and advice if you are looking to take the next step. Graduate student admissions can be more difficult — and different — from undergraduate admissions. These blogs can help you learn how to navigate the more complex process associated with getting into grad school.

  1. Offers a great look at getting into grad school.
  2. Graduate School: A great offering from Tara, the guide.
  3. GradSchoolForum: Helpful posts on getting into graduate school.
  4. Clear Admit: Advice on getting into a MBA program.
  5. Adam Markus: This grad school admissions guru can help you get in.
  6. So You Want to Go to Grad School?: Great community info on getting into graduate school.
  7. Law School Expert: Help getting into law school.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Blogs

Finally, you need to know how to get help paying for your schooling. Part of college admissions is being able to pay the bill. These blogs can help you find ways to get the financial aid you need to help you make your tuition payments — and maybe even find out how to get your schooling completely paid for by someone else.

  1. FAFSA Blog: THE place to go to start looking for info on financial aid.
  2. Admissions and Financial Aid Blog: Helpful hints on getting in and paying for school.
  3. Planning and Preparing for College: Get ready for college — and for paying for it.
  4. Blog: Great information and news on scholarships.
  5. Paying for College: Find out what you can do to pay for university.
  6. College Athletic Scholarships: Helpful hints on using your skills to pay for college.
  7. Go Financial Aid Blog: More helpful information on different types of financial aid.

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