7 Twitter Users Every College Student Should Follow

Published by admin on January 21, 2010

How does one decide the parameters to come up with a list like this? Now, sale if it had been twitter users to follow for psychology students or computer graduates, viagra sale wouldn’t that have been simpler.

When you put a toe in the social media eddy, you get sucked into it and before you know it you’re an expert on the mating rituals of the bonobo…but hey, aren’t you planning to major in sports management?

But here we are and there we go…to come up with a list of twitter users which we believe will help college students of all hues, heights, and majoring subjects broaden their horizons, add to the sum of their knowledge, make their world and our world a more peaceful place, and our collective tomorrows safer.

1. Breaking News – Keep tabs on breaking news as it breaks from all corners of the world. If you’re going to make a difference to the world tomorrow, you’d better be tuned in to what’s happening today and this Twitter page of MSNBC does a good job of keeping you updated. Follow them and you will find news and views that expand your horizons and help you build an opinion on the facts of life to embrace, stuff to avoid, and things that will endure whether we like it or not.

2. World Economic Forum – For the economists of tomorrow and also the regular guys destined to be caught in a never-ending cycle of EMIs – the tweets here are of consequence to all of us, the denizens of the global village where the education initiative in India can affect the job market in America. Food for thought for all and a potential career-shaper for many.

3. Lance Armstrong – Everyone needs heroes and impressionable college goers that find assignments, moonlighting, tuition funds, parent’s divorce and their 52nd breakup of the year to be just too burdensome could do well to take a leaf from Armstrong’s life. The guy has won the Tour de France a record seven number of times and then the small matter of beating testicular cancer. His tweets offer rare insight into the life of one of the greatest champs of all time, bar none.

4. BBC Click – The tweets on this page are from a venerable news and broadcasting institution from the other side of the pond. BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world and a huge institution, even though it would be very interesting to see the results of a poll on how many American college guys actually know what BBC stands for. Anyway, the tweets are from the company’s flagship technology program which covers tech news from around the world in the unique understated manner of the Brits. Given that there is no escaping technology, the tweets here are a nice way to keep abreast of what’s new in the world of technology.

5. Guy Kawasaki – The guy, in my opinion is the ultimate dilettante, skimming on the surface of one subject and then another, sipping the information here and savoring the facts there. All along he shares his discoveries with us through his tweets. Guy is counted as one of the bigger social media movers and shakers out there. And the frequency of his tweets tells you a thing or two about how he prizes connectivity. He’s got over 200K followers for a reason. His tweets inform and make us aware of a zillion things; a nice place to be for all and particularly so for the trivia hunter.

6. Barack Obama – All college students should make it a point to periodically visit the Twitter page of the 44th president of the U.S.A. Why? So that you can take a call for yourself about where the country’s headed and decide whether you’re a libertarian, free market capitalist, socialist, or a beach bum. Obama’s appointment as president has been a watershed event in the history of America and the tweets on his page tell us about where he’s taking the country.

7. LIFE.com – They say a picture is worth a thousand words and no magazine out there encompasses this better than LIFE, as it has done since the time our dads were in college. Not for nothing do they have more than 1.2 million followers. A must-follow for every student that wishes for perspective on issues – to get an idea of a world gone by, a time passing us by, and a time to come. Beautiful is the operative word here.

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